Our People

The Richmond Group CEO James Benamor

James Benamor


Email: james.benamor@rgroup.co.uk

"When I started The Richmond Group it was because I didn't want to work in a boring 9 to 5 job in a stuffy company. I had worked for other financial companies and had been frustrated at their appetite for growth and the speed with which new ideas were taken on board.

From the beginning I have had two rules: the company has to grow by at least 50% every year, and work has to be fun for everyone. Whilst the first has been surprisingly easy the second has required significant effort along the way. As with any journey there have been highs and lows, but today I can honestly say that there is no other Finance company that I would rather work for. As with most people who work for the Richmond Group, the reason for this is that the people I work with are exceptional. Whilst we all still have a lot to learn before we can say that we are the best, we are making good progress along that path."

The Richmond Group Director Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess


Email: mark.burgess@rgroup.co.uk

"I'm The Richmond Group's IT Director. I joined RG in 2008, having spent the previous 14 years working for a much bigger financial services company where I was tired of being tied up in bureaucracy and finding it difficult to get anything meaningful done. Now though, I get to work every day alongside a great team of talented, motivated people every day working on ground-breaking projects creating innovative and different products.

It's the fast moving, challenging and unconventional nature of The Richmond Group that appeals so much to me, and I love that there's a real recognition that by allowing me to work with the very best people, I can help build software, services and products that change the world."

The Richmond Group Project Manager Jon Newman

Jon Newman

Project Manager

Email: jon.newman@rgroup.co.uk

"I enjoy solving problems, our customer's and our own. This is my eleventh year. I've spent a quarter of my life here because I'm given complete creative freedom to only focus on what really matters. That's important to me. I also rather like our decadent Victorian sitting room slash meeting area."

The Richmond Group Project Manager Amber Branch

Amber Branch

Project Manager

Email: amber.branch@rgroup.co.uk

I'm a Project Manager for the Richmond Group. I graduated from University in 2011 and worked for a couple of start-ups before joining RG in April 2012 as a Researcher. I was struck that despite being a lot bigger than the companies I'd worked for previously, RG had held onto its dynamic start-up culture. RG moves fast and adapts quickly; it's a really exciting place to work and every day presents a different challenge. I didn't want to work for a company where my progression would be limited by how long I had worked in a particular role. At RG you can carve out your own career path and you will be given extra responsibility as and when you earn it.

I joined RG at a pivotal time when we were turning one of our products Amigo loans into a consumer brand. I learnt so much as I was exposed to so many different parts of the business. I was responsible for going into every department and documenting how it all works, it was the best crash course I could have had! I work alongside incredibly smart and dedicated people who really challenge me and make me think. It's inspiring.

The Richmond Group Director Vikki McCallum

Vikki McCallum


Email: vikki.mccallum@rgroup.co.uk

I began my time at the richmond group in 2007 and have held the position of operations director since August 2012. Prior to this promotion I was a team manager and head of training and development for the group.

Previous to the richmond group my background lay in retail and customer service training and management. Having spent 6 years developing retail managers across the UK, mainly in corporate restrictions, our move into open plan offices with complete freedom has been a real pleasure. I insist (with the help of our values) that communication is by word of mouth, that its direct and to the point, that messages are never lost in 'translation'. I'm proud of the fact that communication and engagement are our strongest suit, and even more proud that we treat each other more like family than work colleagues.

The Richmond Group Director Sam Wells

Sam Wells


Email: sam.wells@rgroup.co.uk

"I'm a Director within The Richmond Group - I joined as a trainee Director in 2008 but before that, I'd been working in Brighton for various corporations. As I was making my way up the corporate ladder, I constantly found myself tangled up in red tape and surrounded by staff on a slow, meaningless road to retirement.

After relocating to Bournemouth to work for RG though, I feel proud to walk into an office every day to work with a team of people that want to make Amigo the best loans company in the world. We're growing rapidly but have our feet firmly planted on the ground, and we work hard to spot the details that other companies would miss. When I interview staff to join my team, I look for entrepreneurial spirit, a drive to be the best and people that demonstrate initiative and ownership when they take on a challenge."